Working Hard in your Dance Classes



Young or old, old or new, it is important that dance students work hard in their classes, be it tap, ballet, modern, and everything in between. A new dance class will inspire increased concentration and commitment due to the novelty of the new technique, teacher and class mates. Sometimes this new-found enthusiasm can wane slightly, once the student has got into the rhythm of the class and is used to the protocol within it, however it is important to keep pushing yourself through this. 



Aspiring to achieve even more during your dance classes will mean your rate of improvement will be much higher than that of someone coasting at the back of the studio. There is no question about the time and effort that dance teachers put into dance, providing the best training they can for students. Being conscientious within class will mean listening carefully to instructions, working hard to present your best combination of technique and performance, and applying any corrections given. Some dancers only take on board corrections directed at them by the teacher, however every correction given in class can be beneficial in some way in improving them as a dancer. 



Being courteous and respectful to both your dance teacher and peers is also essential. Creating a positive atmosphere within the dance studio means everyone will enjoy the class as much as they can and reap the most from it. No matter how hard it may be, try not to drift during class; dance is all about being there in the moment to give one hundred per cent effort into being the best dancer you can be. Dance for yourself, but also demonstrate that you can dance for others too.