Tutu Care Guide

Watch our useful video, presented by our Costumes Expert Cat, who shares some tips on how to perfect your tutu ready for your next dance show.


Here are some useful tips for perfecting your tutus for showtime.

All of our platter-style tutus are treated to ensure the net is as stiff as possible when you receive them. This increases the longevity of the costumes and makes them look stunning onstage. You will find that when you take them out of the packaging, they will ‘stick up’ quite considerably, and will need a little TLC to get them performance ready.

We have compiled our 5 simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1 - Breaking down the layers

Take each layer of net, put one hand underneath and one hand above. Rub the net between your hands, from the seam outwards. Repeat this around the full circumference and on each individual layer.

Step 2 - Breaking down the seam

Take both your hands to where the net meets the leotard. Scrunch the net in your hands all the way around – you will hear lots of crunching but don’t be afraid of being a little forceful!

Step 3Steam

Steaming your tutu is essential in order to get the net to relax. Ideally, take a steamer and run it over the top and underneath each layer of net. If you do not have a steamer, you can hang the tutu the correct way up in a bathroom with a hot shower running. Some irons may also have a steam setting, but it is important that you do not let the iron touch the net as this will cause damage. 

Step 4 - Measurement
Getting the correct fit is important to ensure the skirt sits correctly. If the girth measurement is too tight, the skirt will fly upwards. To avoid this, take an accurate girth measurements. For more information see our sizing guide for useful tips on how to take accurate measurements.

Step 5 - Let it hang

Keep the tutu hanging the correct way up and let gravity do the work!