Returning to Dance after a Break 



It might be possible to think of a life in which you did not dance. However for many dancers and teachers, a break from their passion is exactly what they need. Stopping dancing for a period of time could be due to a number of reasons, the most common being injury. Or maybe you’ve realised the dancing life just isn’t for you, that you need a break and a chance to experience something else. 



If you change your mind about your break from performing, teaching or studying, it's not too late! You may not miss dance at all but if you do, it is possible to return to the profession. It may begin by taking on a little bit of freelance teaching or even just performing by chance. If you are planning a return to dance, the most important thing is to take it slowly and set good foundations: gradually focus on gently increasing your flexibility, strength and fitness to achieve the level you were at previously.



Your body never forgets: if you've stayed fairly active you may not find the return to strenuous, but it is important to listen to you body and take it slowly. If you haven’t been particularly active, start with simple things like brisk walking, swimming or gentle yoga classes to improve core strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. Treat yourself to massages and pay attention to any pains before they get out of hand. Make sure you warm up and cool down correctly, and never stretch when you’re cold. 



If your goal is to work as a dancer or teach again, start making contact with as many people as you can in the industry. Go to classes, performances and workshops if possible, join professional networks on social media and, once you’re feeling fit, ask to take class or observe at your favourite companies.