The Lonely Studio


If there is one clear message to have emerged since the 2020 inception of the coronavirus pandemic, it is that we are not alone. Even if being a dance teacher can sometimes feel isolating and even lonely, it is important to remember that the support teachers can offer each other is priceless.

Using the Dance Teacher Hub Facebook group can be a good start if you are experiencing lonliness, where thousands of other teachers bounce ideas off each other, gain feedback, network and discuss. Being stuck behind a computer screen or phone completing admin work isn't ideal for chatting or socialising, but the DTH Facebook group can go some way in filling that void.

Teachers may find they go several days before having an adult conversation, so instating adult classes to your timetable can be a way around this, or by having even a small team of staff if possible. Many may argue that as much as they can be hard work, the joy you get from teaching children outweighs being lonely, and this can be especially true if you teach freelance for several different dance schools or employers. Or some may argue this adds to the feeling if you are spreading yourself between many different places!

This is aside from the fact that the reality is, most dance teachers work when others have finished for the day, making the hours seem unsociable. In this scenario it may be useful to take advantage of local networking opportunities with other teachers, or even just meeting one on one. It might even be an option to join a local hobby group. Teaching as a one man band may put limits on your spare time, but doing something for yourself which is not dance related may be the breath of fresh air you need.

It goes without saying that teaching means you give so much to building your school or classes, without giving enough to yourself. Help and support is vital, in whichever form they present themselves. Remember to look back and see what you have achieved, and keep going in one of the most fulfilling jobs around.