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How Technology can be Leveraged to Run a Dance Studio Business and Provide More Value to Customers

It's no secret that technology has had a profound impact on the way we do business. From reducing costs to increasing efficiency, there are countless ways in which technology can be leveraged to help streamline your dance studio operations and provide more value to your customers. Read More


The online casting platform

Dance Hypha was launched by choreographer Amy Gardner as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, in a bid to reach all professional dancers fairly for jobs she was casting dancers for. Read More

New for the International College of Musical Theatre

 The International College of Musical Theatre (ICMT) and Coventry University are working together to launch the first accelerated Musical Theatre Performance degree course in the UK. Read More

New hip hop works supported by Breakin’ Convention

The team behind Breakin’ Convention has announced Emerge+See, a new initiative that will support the commissions of up to 12 new 15–20-minute works in hip hop dance theatre. Breakin’ Convention are calling out to hip hop dance artists across the UK who have a new idea or an existing piece that they would like to develop further for the stage. Read More

Post-COVID life

The dance and performing arts industry - along with the rest of the world - is hopeful that 2022 signals a post-COVID world, where we learn to live with the virus safely. The disruptions of the pandemic have not discriminated, affecting and exhausting everyone and posing many challenges. Read More

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New partnership for Birmingham Royal Ballet and Royal Academy of Dance

Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Royal Academy of Dance have announced a new partnership which will create stronger links to the professional world of ballet for RAD teachers and their students through an exciting programme of events and exclusive experiences. Read More

Keeping up with Covid

A topic of conversation currently circulating is Covid’s impact on the arts and entertainment sector, and in particular how this highlights the constant evolution that dance teachers and their students need to undergo. Read More

Danceworks’ Masterclasses

After the success of its online masterclasses when studios were closed due to UK lockdown restrictions, London’s Danceworks is continuing to offer dancers the opportunity to participate in its masterclasses virtually, along with those who are booked into the studio. The Guest Masterclasses are taught by world renowned dancers and are open to dancers everywhere. Read More

Sadler’s Wells’ Choreographic School 

SadIer’s Wells has announced the first three choreographers to lead the inaugural programme of its Choreographic School: William Forsythe, Lin Hwai-Min and Alesandra Seutin. Read More

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Young Creatives 2022

Applications are still open for One Dance UK’s Young Creatives 2022, with opportunities for dance students to harness their choreographic talents.  Read More

Returning Students

For dance teachers, knowing your own body is second nature. For students however, it may not be quite so familiar. For students who are returning to dance after a break, be it because of injury, illness, a holiday, or any other reason, they may need some guidance on getting back into classes and dancing at their full capacity again. Read More

English National Ballet’s Ballet Futures: The Pipeline Project

Plans for English National Ballet’s new pipeline project, Ballet Futures, have been announced, consisting of a high-quality, early-stage, ballet training programme for children aged 8-12 years. It aims to encourage and incentivise more dancers from traditionally underrepresented groups (African Diaspora, Caribbean, South Asian and South East Asian heritage) to participate in professional ballet training at the earliest possible point. Read More

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New Shows at the Barbican 

London’s Barbican has announced its 2022 Theatre and Dance programme, from January to April. It includes London International Mime Festival, Boy Blue and Ballet Black, as well as Belarus Free Theatre, and Barbican Theatre Open Lab alumni, The PappyShow. From family-friendly performances to a late-night party for the over 18s, there’s something to suit all tastes.

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The second edition of the international dance and technology hackathon ‘Dansathon’ is to be held in Liège from 19-21 November, after being postponed twice. 48 participants will meet to explore how technology including AI, VR, video games and data can combine with dance to push boundaries and create new experiences. Read More

Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage 

Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage has launched its new Video on Demand platform with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s triple bill, Curated by Carlos. It will be available as a digital screening, for audiences around the world to watch wherever they may be. This creates access for a global audience to witness the triple bill, which includes the world premiere of a new pas de deux created especially for Carlos Acosta and Alessandra Ferri by Goyo Montero, and two recently premiered works. Read More

Are there too many musicals?

Recently the Telegraph newspaper ran a piece questioning if the UK needed as many musicals as it has running - a sure fire way to incense the performing arts community. Read More

New Shows at Sadler’s Wells

There is a multitude of talent and entertainment on stages across the UK currently, with fresh new work being shown in London in particular. There is no end of ways to inspire dance students and aspiring dance professionals, even more so now we have returned to in-person performances. Read More


Boys In Dance

The number of males taking up dance remains low. Dance has the power to grab the attention of boys and keep them focused, but despite this, boys dancing still seems to provoke mixed reactions. Read More

Dance Passion 2022

BBC and One Dance UK have announced 14 artists from across the UK as commissioned to create new films and interactive projects as part of Dance Passion 2022. The commissions will be featured on BBC platforms as part of the BBC Dance Season in early 2022, in a bid to inspire the sector and help it emerge from the difficulties of the past 18 months. Read More

Dancing Fit

It is arguable that dance teachers are the biggest advocates for dance and its multitude of benefits, however it is also clear that this standpoint is expanding into many others' points of view too. In 2019 the NHS website published a guide to help people start dancing, and dance is now seen much more frequently in many areas of life, and with a wider spectrum of styles. Read More

Instagram Dance Solos

With much of the dance world returning to its previous physical status, there is still lots of work created online, and for online audiences. Read More

New Musical, Old Musical

Following a number of musical theatre shows opening and closing in quick succession over the past few years, putting aside the global pandemic, it is unclear as to whether there is a successful musical theatre model on which to base a new show heading for Broadway or the West End. Read More

Government Cuts to Arts Higher Education

Earlier this year the government confirmed a 50 per cent cut to arts higher education subsidies, meaning arts and humanities subjects such as music, dance and performing arts will all suffer, despite much opposition to the plans. Read More

News for The Musical Theatre Academy

Earlier this year it was reported that The Musical Theatre Academy, founded in 2009, would close down at the end of this academic year. Read More

Out with the Old?

As the world of theatre, dance and performance begins to return to a semblance of normality, as with every other part of the world we can ask, ‘which parts of normal should we be returning to?’ Read More

Jobs of Nightmares 

For many of your students, the dream is to become a professional dancer, paid to do the thing they love most in the world. If a dancer is lucky enough to 'make it', this might be deemed enough for them to live out their dreams as a dancing pro. However even once this goal is achieved, there may be unknown trouble brewing within the job itself. Some dancers may not be lucky enough to land their dream job - it may actually be a nightmare. Read More

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Off-stage Dance Breaks

An on-stage dance break is one that is usually met with energy, complex dance sequences and tricks when a song breaks into its melody. However, a break from dance, or dance teaching - off-stage and usually unintentional - can have negative connotations for the dancer or teacher, and can be for many reasons. Can you imagine ever not dancing? Read More

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National Youth Dance Company and Candoco Dance Company's new Summer Residency  

Sadler’s Wells has announced a National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) + Candoco Dance Company Summer Residency for disabled and non-disabled dancers aged 16-24. Read More

Summer Intensive Course

The new academic year brings all sorts of excitement to aspiring dancers, returning to the studio after the upcoming summer break. Many may be about to audition for places on different dance courses, and many others may still be deciding which summer dance programme to apply for or enrol on. Read More


Lineup announced for U.Dance National Festival

Some of the biggest names in dance have assembled for U.Dance National Festival 2021, One Dance UK’s free youth dance festival in July. Strictly Come Dancing’s Karen Hauer and former Strictly champion Joanne Clifton, choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne, West End leading lady Miriam Teak-Lee and The Royal Ballet star Marcelino Sambe are confirmed in the lineup for the festival, full of opportunity for young people. Read More

Helping Dancers with Disabilities - Impetus Dance

Impetus Dance are keen to support their members by providing them opportunities and demonstrating to others the importance of inclusion in Dance practice in the UK. Read More

Greenwich Dance launches ArtsUnboxed

Greenwich Dance has launched ArtsUnboxed, a new platform created to safely and sustainably create, produce and share work. Featuring new commissioned dance works from a diverse group of artists, ArtsUnboxed offers venues, festivals, dance organisations and schools across the country the opportunity to purchase everything needed to present these original creations in their own settings using local artists. Read More


The Lonely Studio

If there is one clear message to have emerged since the 2020 inception of the coronavirus pandemic, it is that we are not alone. Even if being a dance teacher can sometimes feel isolating and even lonely, it is important to remember that the support teachers can offer each other is priceless. Read More

Feet Treats

The body is vitally important in dance: for both dancers and dance teachers it is their instrument and must be looked after. Many dancers and teachers are guilty of using their feet to their limit, but often do not look after them sufficiently. Read More

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Stretching - what, when and why?

Most dancers have a reasonable amount of flexibility due to the nature of dance, however it is important to think about timing, the type of stretching and how much to do. Read More

Dancing Full-Time

Dance is undoubtedly a much-loved hobby, regardless of your students’ age, gender and background. For many younger dance students, their dreams include becoming a professional dancer. Read More

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New Adventures announce Cygnet School - a new training programme for young people

New Adventures has announced its brand-new training programme, Cygnet School. It is a dance training programme for young people predominantly from backgrounds with limited access to arts provision, and has been developed as part of the company’s commitment to increase diversity in the sector and provide equity of opportunity. Read More

One Dance UK and BBC Arts' Dance Passion to return in 2022

One Dance UK and BBC Arts have announced that Dance Passion will return in early 2022 as part of the BBC’s Dance Season, shining a light on the UK’s world-class dance sector in all its forms. Read More

Image Credit: Dani Bower Photography for One Dance UK